Drew 20shapiro

Drew Shapiro is Newton & Hall's resident salty veteran and newest lawyer on the team. He grew up in southern California and has traveled the world serving in the Air Force. Drew immediately took a liking to the mountains and oceans of the PNW while stationed at JBLM and decided to make it his home. He now shares that home with his dog, a boxer mix named Athena.

After leaving the Air Force, Drew briefly went to the east coast to attend Syracuse University on the GI Bill, where he graduated with high honors. He came back to the west coast for law school and earned his JD and MBA at Seattle University, where he graduated as a member of the SALUTE Veterans National Honors Society.

Drew is an active member of WA's growing veteran community. He was on the steering committee for the Washington State Veterans Bar Association from 2016 to 2017 and served as president of the Veterans Law Society from 2017-2018.

Drew comes to Newton & Hall from the civil law world, where he supported litigation against the WA Liquor and Cannabis Board on behalf of small business owners. His knowledge of administrative and court rules helps him fight civil infractions (traffic tickets!) for clients. Drew's past as a technical expert and instructor in the Air Force give him an extra edge in court when it comes to police technology and training.

Drew is always on the road making deals and taking tickets down along the I-5 corridor in WA. He handles infractions from Bellingham to Olympia and Port Townsend to Monroe. If you have a ticket, infraction, citation, summons, notice, or even a failure to appear, call (253) 852-6600 and ask for Drew!

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