Theft Charges

A theft charge can be especially devastating to someone's future, because it has the potential to severely limit a person's chances for employment.  Many companies will refuse to hire a person with conviction on their record, but a theft charge is about the toughest thing to have on your record.  Often times people with this charge will end up having to work in minimum wage jobs, in industries where others choose not to.  Many professional licenses are unavailable to those convicted of theft, meaning becoming a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or similar professional may be out of reach with a theft conviction.

There are defenses to a theft charge, and many times the attorneys at Newton & Hall are able to beat these charges, get them amended to a non-theft charge, or remove a previous theft charge from a person's criminal record.  This can be the difference from having a job, and having a good paying career.

In many cases we have also been able to broker out-of-court settlements with victims of theft, thereby getting charges dismissed or keeping them from being filed to begin with.  In order to have the best possible result in your case, you should contact our office immediately, even before charges have been filed.

As dedicated criminal defense attorneys, our job is to see that our clients get the best criminal defense possible. We tell you exactly where you stand and recommend a practical solution. When we step into the courtroom, we expect to win. And we are respected by prosecutors and judges in criminal courts throughout Washington State for our skill and determination.

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