Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

It is becoming more and more common for people to make false allegations of child abuse.  There are many reasons that someone would do this, but we have seen situations where it was done by a spouse, to game the court system and win custody of children, or for greater spousal/child support in a divorce.  I have also worked on cases where a child themselves has complained of sexual abuse by a parent or step-parent, in order to avoid the rules or responsibilities of one household, so they could live with the parent that they think will be a better fit for them.  We are seeing an epidemic of husbands and wives accusing each other of sexually or physically abusing their children, all in an effort to get back at their spouse, or in an effort to seek financial gain. A divorce lawyer once told me that it is almost a formula in a divorce situation to first allege mental and physical abuse by a spouse, and then to use allegations of sexual abuse if necessary.  

Child Protective Services (CPS)

CPS is an agency that works very closely with law enforcement, and will often accompany them when are investigation any issues regarding mistreatment of children. CPS will often threaten parents, saying that if they do not cooperate they will take their children away from them, and place them in foster or emergency care.  

It is extremely important that you immediately consult with a qualified attorney who is used to dealing with CPS issues, and is not afraid to stand up to this agency. You must do this before you give any statements or provide any information, otherwise you may unknowingly cause irreparable harm to your case.

It can be very important to your family that you cooperate with CPS, but this needs to be done while under the watchful eyes of an attorney knowledgeable with this area of law.  CPS is not tasked with keeping your family together, they are only interested in protecting children, and often do so to the detriment of the children they are seeking to protect.

CPS is often quick to find allegations of abuse as founded, however an attorney familiar with the CPS appeal rules may be able to help you to fight for your reputation, and your family.  

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