Fraud Charge Defense for Greater Seattle and Kent, WA

Criminal fraud can be charged for any behavior that was intended to defraud a person of goods or services.  We rarely see this crime charged, but usually it is charged in either a financial context, or in the event of identity theft.

Often times we see people charged for fraud in relation to legitimate business practices.  Businesses that are struggling to stay afloat in hard times often have a difficult time providing services to customers they have contracted with.  When those services were paid for in advance, and not provided in a timely manner, it is possible that the police and prosecuting attorneys will become involved.  If this happens, you need to immediately retain the services or an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Business fraud can result in lengthy prison sentences.

Check fraud is another frequently charged crime, and results when someone writes a bad check to someone else, knowing that they did not have the funds available to cover the check written.  This is often proven with financial records, or the accused often will admit to knowing there were insufficient funds to cover the check, or not knowing if there were sufficient funds at the time the check was written.  Either of these circumstances could make a person criminally culpable for this crime, so it is important to not make any statements without first consulting with an attorney.

Identity theft is a serious concern in the Seattle/Tacoma area, as well as across the entire state.  Prosecutors are using felony identity theft statutes to put drug users in prison, as they have very harsh punishments.  Often times people that have a drug addiction will resort to identity theft and mail theft to make enough money to feed their drug habit.  The penalties for multiple counts of identity theft can be extremely harsh, even on a first time offender.

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