Sex Offender Sentencing

Sex Offender Sentencing

Sex offenses are among the most difficult cases that a prosecutor, judge, or defense attorney can handle.  They are even more serious for those who face an accusation.  They are such serious offenses, that anyone who is accused of one, most certainly will be immediately affected.  Allegations of sex offenses can break up families, ruin careers, and irretrievably damage personal reputations.

When someone is convicted of a sex offense and faces sentencing, they need the services of a creative and determined defense attorney.  There are sentencing options for those accused of sex offenses that can reduce the harsh sentences often imposed by judges aware of the public's scorn for sex offenders.  Often times those who seek treatment early, and commit to a thorough evaluation and course or treatment, are treated the best. Please consult our sex offender treatment page for more information regarding this option.

Many who are sentenced for a sex offense are sentenced under a sentencing scheme that can call for a life sentence with only one or two offenses.  While many are aware of the state's three strikes law, most are unaware that Washington has a two strikes law for sex offenses, and also that our state subscribes to a one strike theory for many sex offenses.  Please see our Indeterminate Sentences for Sex Offenders page to learn more about this law.

A trusted lawyer is the best source of knowledge for these types of cases.  Fully investigating and preparing for these cases is the only way to offer someone accused of a sex offense a fair defense.  When you are facing serious sex crime charges we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our defense attorneys are standing by to assist you.

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