Domestic Violence Sentencing

Domestic Violence Sentencing

Domestic violence sentencing hearings are fraught with legal peril and emotion. Often times the participants used to, or are still in loving or family relationships.  They are married or unmarried couples, children and parents, sisters and brothers, or roommates.  They are people that chose to be together, but now find themselves at the mercy of the court.  In these situations it is extremely important that the accused have a legal advocate, as the prosecution will treat all of these cases in the same strict way.  It is important to review what will be said by friends and family members at a sentencing, as the wrong statement can cause the judge to believe the situation is worse than they thought.

Those facing domestic violence charges often have careers in the balance, as well as children at stake.  This is a complicated legal playing field, and very dangerous for the unwary.  A conviction and sentence for domestic violence will result in the loss of firearm rights, as well as have collateral consequences.  For instance, often times a domestic violence conviction will prohibit a person from volunteering at their child's school or in their sports.

We prepare our clients and their families for these sentencings.  Ensuring they have participated in programs, and taken classes that will give them the best chance for a lenient sentencing decision by the court.  We will often prepare a sentencing memorandum for the judge, letting them have a complete picture of the defendant's life, as well as what they have done to atone and make amends.

As dedicated domestic violence defense attorneys, our job is to see that our clients get the best criminal defense possible. We tell you exactly where you stand and recommend a practical solution. When we step into the courtroom, we expect to win. And we are respected by prosecutors and judges in criminal courts throughout Washington State for our skill and determination.

Our criminal defense experience with Domestic Violence Charges is your advantage

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