Federal Crimes

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in Seattle

Charged with a federal crime? You need federal criminal lawyers!

If you have been charged with a federal crime, there is no time for guessing and no margin for error. Federal prosecutors have nearly unlimited resources, and use everything they've got to build a case against you. You need a federal criminal defense attorney, and you need one now.

The United States Attorney relies on the excellent investigators within many different federal agencies.  They can call on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's special agents (FBI), the Treasury Department's secret service investigators, the Drug Enforcement Agency's agents (DEA), as well as many other federal agencies.  These federal government agencies have nearly limitless resources to utilize in investigating allegation of federal criminal conduct.

The federal prosecution team often takes years to build a case, and will use wiretaps, surveillance, and electronic records to build a rock solid case before seeking an indictment from a secret federal grand jury.  Federal cases move very quickly, since the government has often prepared their case for trial, even before you are aware of the charges.  You need a federal defense attorney that can also work quickly.  Someone who knows the rules and procedures that exist in federal court, and can make those rules work to your advantage.  Someone with an office full of investigators, paralegals, and legal assistants who are used to working in the federal system.  There are many traps in the federal system for unwary defendants, and they can cause problems for lawyers who are not used to the differences in the federal court system.

With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our federal criminal defense attorneys can help you defend you against federal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys, private investigators, and support staff are available day or night to answer your questions, and deal with issues as they arise. We have a track record for successfully handling federal cases dealing with:

Drug possession

Narcotics trafficking

Weapons violations

White collar crime

Public corruption


Defrauding the government

Medicare fraud

Identity theft



Mail & Wire fraud


Federal Criminal Lawyers Build a Defense

The criminal lawyers in at our firm defend clients tenaciously, and with integrity and dedication. We examine every shred of evidence in your case, using every means at our disposal to build the best federal defense and achieve the best outcome possible for you. Our federal criminal defense lawyers are highly respected within the court system, and are well known as a force to be reckoned with.

We know when to take an aggressive stance, and we know when to back off.  Whether we are interviewing witnesses or gathering information, we have the experience and skills necessary to handle every situation and get the most out of it.  For defense against federal criminal allegations, we are your top choice. If you need a federal criminal defense lawyer with experience, you need Newton & Hall, Attorneys at Law, PLLC.  Don't wait — the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started and you can put your case behind you.

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