Private Investigation and Preparation

Private Investigation and Preparation

A criminal defense law firm is the sum of its parts.  Without top notch legal assistants, paralegals, private investigators, and attorneys, it would be difficult to provide the powerful kind of defense that Newton & Hall is known for.  An enormous part of that defense is the service that our private investigator is able to provide to our clients.

In a criminal case, the prosecutor relies on law enforcement for their investigation.  In this capacity, their investigators are police officers, detectives, and others in the law enforcement field.  They interview relevant witnesses, gather physical evidence, perform follow up work, relay their opinions, and document these actions for later use in court.  However, this work is being used in attempt to convict the person charged with a criminal offense.  Therefore a defense attorney should not rely on this information, without checking its validity.

Often times we hear from defendants who are writing us from prison for help with their appeal.  They indicate that they hired an inexpensive attorney who failed to interview the prosecution's witnesses prior to the time of trial.  Essentially their attorney went into trial cold, without ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses of the state or city's case against them.  Once they go to trial and lose, they usually are forced to petition for appeal from prison. It is always the best practice to prepare and investigate a case prior to the time of trial, and a private investigator on staff is the best way to accomplish this.

The investigators and attorneys are Newton & Hall regularly interview adverse witnesses and ask them the tough questions, long before a trial occurs.  Without knowing the answers to these questions in advance, a defense attorney cannot know what to expect at trial, and is not adequately prepared for it.  Our private investigation team can test the strength of the prosecution's case, and testify at trial regarding their weaknesses.

Newton & Hall is also able to retain expert witnesses on various subjects, in order to counterbalance the state's use of expert witnesses.  Examples of these witnesses are psychologists, psychiatrists, toxicologists, and experts on law enforcement procedure and investigations.  If the prosecution is relying on flawed expert opinions, you need the services of your own expert witness.

Our private investigation can be your advantage.

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