What To Do If Under Investigation

What To Do If Under Investigation

If you are under investigation by CPS or APS, you should immediately consult with an attorney that regularly handles these investigations.  Often times people that are under investigation mistakenly think that they should immediately cooperate with these agencies, in order to put themselves in a better position in the investigation.  However, they may not understand what constitutes abuse or neglect, and they may not know that they are putting themselves at risk of both a founded allegation of abuse or neglect, as well as a criminal charge for the same behavior.  It is important to cooperate with an APS or CPS investigation, but you need the services of a knowledgeable attorney in order to place yourself in the best position to have a favorable outcome.

Time counts in these investigations, and if the CPS or APS investigators only receive one side of the story, they are forced to make findings based on only that evidence.  You need counsel to present your version of events in a clear and concise way, that doesn't include irrelevant information and gets to the important issues in the case.

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