Kent DUI Attorney

Kent DUI Attorney
Kent, WA DUI Defense Lawyers

If you've been stopped, arrested, or charged with a DUI in the City of Kent, find an experienced Kent DUI attorney at Newton and Hall today.

Our lawyers are well-versed in local police and court procedures here in the City of Kent, WA, and our office, at 610 Central Avenue South, is located only a short distance from the municipal courthouse and jail located at 1230 Central Avenue South.  We know all of the local prosecuting attorneys, and are familiar with the local judges.  Most of the time we know how they will likely act or react to a particular situation, and with that knowledge can help tailor your defense.  We give your case the time, attention, and urgency needed to provide you with the best possible outcome.  

Whatever your reason for receiving a DUI, we get it. Accidents happen to the best of us. What matters now is getting the best help you can. That's where we come in.

Aside from simple embarrassment, a DUI arrest leads to many undesirable consequences: court hearings, fines and costs, license revocation, and vehicle restrictions. With a hard-working attorney at your side, you may be able to keep many unwanted consequences at bay. Without one, you put more at risk—jail time, increased fines, criminal charges…the list goes on. Let a local Kent DUI attorney from Newton and Hall, who cares about your unique situation, guide you through the process. We know the law and its peculiarities. We want to help.

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DUI Laws & Procedures in Kent

Most people arrested for DUI in the City of Kent WA, will be taken to the Kent Municipal Jail for breath testing and jail booking.  If the police are interested in a blood test, they will likely apply for a search warrant and transport you to one of our local hospitals where a medical specialist will take a sample of your blood.  The blood test sample will then be sent for alcohol/drug testing to the Washington State Patrol crime laboratory.  In Kent, they will likely prosecute you in advance of the blood test results, which may take 30-60 days to return from the crime lab.  Police will usually seek a blood test when they believe that there may be drugs (prescription or non-prescription) involved in the impairment, or if you refuse to consent to a breath test.  Our municipal court keeps at least one judge available 24/7 to review search warrants electronically, through e-mail or telephone.  

One of the peculiarities with getting a DUI, is the differences between different cities in their jail booking procedures.  In the City of Kent you will almost always be booked into jail, even on a first time DUI.  This differs from many other local cities or counties, where you may only have to go through the booking process, and then may be released.  In Kent you will either have to 1) post the "booking bail", which is usually $500 on a first offense, or 2) you will have to wait to see a judge. Since many people are arrested on Friday nights or weekends, they may have to stay in jail until Monday afternoon when the court has its regular jail arraignment calendar.  At that time the judge could reduce their bail, could choose to leave it the same, or even raise it, depending on the circumstances of the arrest.  

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Experienced Kent DUI Lawyers

The first and most difficult decision to make for anyone facing a DUI is choosing a good DUI lawyer. Newton and Hall is known in the courtroom for bringing sharp legal skills and a meticulously structured defense. For years we've brought our aggressive defense to a wide array of Kent DUI cases, from alcohol and  marijuana DUIs to more serious cases like those involving vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. Newton and Hall has been a big name in criminal defense for 60 years—that kind of experience is hard to find, and even harder to beat.

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Anyone in Kent looking for top-notch defense can call Newton and Hall at (253) 867-2675 to schedule their first free consultation. The sooner you call, the better. With our team of criminal defense lawyers at your side, you'll have access to 24/7 availability for emergency meetings, a defense plan uniquely designed for you, and assistance organizing bail, if in custody.