Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are classified as having more potential for long lasting damage to victims and society.  These crimes are likely to elicit a stronger response from prosecutors and judges when they are charging, or handling them. Examples of crimes that the legislature has classified as "violent" include robbery 1° & 2°, assault 1° & 2°, manslaughter 1° & 2°, and of course murder 1° & 2°.  There are many other crimes that are considered violent, please consult with one of our criminal defense attorneys for further information regarding specific crimes.

When a person appears at an initial bail hearing or arraignment while facing charges for a violent crime, often times the prosecution will argue that under the Washington Court Rules, they should not be entitled to release with no conditions.  This means that they will often ask the judge for a high bail amount, due to concerns that someone charged with committing a violent crime is likely to pose a danger to the community, or is likely to pose a risk of non-appearance at future court hearings.  It is important that someone facing these charges obtain competent counsel before showing up at court.  We work with experienced local bail bondsmen to ensure that our clients are able to have the lowest bail possible, and spend little or no time in custody pending their trial.

In addition to violent offenses, some crimes are categorized as "serious violent offenses", these crimes are what is otherwise known as strike offenses.  In Washington, a person who is convicted of three strike offenses must be confined to prison for the rest of their lives, with no chance of early release or parole.  In some cases, a person may be confined for the rest of their lives with only two strikes.  Generally, the two strikes law is triggered by conviction of two serious sex offenses.

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