Possession with Intent to Deliver

Possession with Intent to Deliver

This charge is considerably more serious than possession of a controlled substance.  This is what prosecutors will charge an alleged drug dealer with, when they cannot prove that delivery of the drugs actually occurred.  Often times they will use circumstantial evidence of the crime to show that the person intended to deliver the drugs.  This evidence could be:

  • A larger quantity of drugs that would be expected by the normal user;
  • Scales, packaging, or paraphernalia indicating that the drugs were to be portioned out for sale;
  • Syringes, pipes or other methods of use which exceed what a normal user would require;
  • Records of sale, money owed, "crib notes", whether explicit or using code words or names
  • Admissions by those that were arrested that they had ever given others drugs, whether or not money was exchanged.

Possession with intent to deliver is always a felony charge, and thus needs to be taken very seriously.  A conviction for this charge may lead others to believe that the defendant was a drug dealer, and cause problems in finding gainful employment, or housing.

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We may be able to convince the prosecutor, judge, or jury that there was no intent to deliver, and that you are not a "drug dealer".  This can make a significant difference in your case, and severely impact the punishment that you receive.

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