Internet Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

The internet is a powerful tool for businesses, individuals, and even law enforcement.  We are seeing a huge increase in the number of internet sex crimes being charged in courts around Washington State, but especially in King County.

Law enforcement, internet service providers, and software companies have teamed up to create powerful tools to automatically find those that are engaging in internet sex crimes.  They can automatically find photos on your computer, and automatically track where you are going on the internet.  They have divisions of these organizations dedicated to reporting and prosecuting any internet sex crimes.  They are also using old fashioned methods, like posing as minors, to lure people into committing sex crimes.

Police officers and detectives are often notified by software companies and internet service providers when their customers are in possession of photographs or documents that meet the company's general parameters for child pornography.  Law enforcement will then seek a search warrant and will show up at your work or residence in force, to seize your computers, laptops, tablets, memory devices and cell phones.  They will then begin the process of having them searched by computer forensic experts in an attempt to determine whether the computer files you have are criminal in nature.  This process may mean that your personal and work computers are seized by law enforcement for months at a time.

The attorneys at Newton & Hall are used to fighting for their clients against these powerful resources, and we have our own investigation team and forensic experts to level the playing field.  It is very important to contact us immediately, before the police are able to gather information that will be used to convict you, and label you a sex offender.

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