King County Criminal Defense Attorney

Serious crimes require a serious defense. If you've been questioned, arrested, or charged in court with a criminal offense in King County, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will fight for your future. The defense team at Newton & Hall offers dedicated, experienced legal counsel, right when you need it.

King County Criminal Defense

Our team of attorneys regularly appear in courts throughout King County.  We are conveniently located near the King County Superior Court in Kent, which handles all felony criminal offenses occurring south of the Interstate 90 highway.  We also appear at the other King County Superior Court location, in Seattle, which handles all felony criminal offenses occurring north of the Interstate 90 highway.  

There are many different courts in King County that handle non-felony charges:

Municipal Courts

When a person is arrested by a municipal police officer, for violating a city code or ordinance, they will be charged in that same municipality's court.  However, some municipalities do not have their own court system, and they elect to contract with the King County District Court System to handle their cases.  As an example, a person arrested by the Auburn Police Department for DUI will be prosecuted in the King County District Court, since Auburn disbanded their own municipal court system.

District Courts

When a person is arrested by the a law enforcement officer with the King County Sheriff, Washington State Patrol, Department of Fish and Wildlife, or the Port of Seattle, then that person will be charged in one of the King County District Courts.  Which court the person is charged in depends on the subject matter of the criminal case, the officer's assigned area, and several other issues.

The district court locations for King County are as follows:

South Division: 1) Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent; 2) Auburn Courthouse; & 3) Burien Courthouse

East Division: 1) Bellevue Courthouse; 2) Redmond Courthouse; and 3) Issaquah Courthouse.

West Division: 1) Seattle Courthouse; 2) Shoreline Courthouse.

Our Criminal Defense Team Can Handle Your Toughest Cases

Our office chooses to focus on defending those accused of criminal charges. We know the relevant Washington and local King County statutes and rules, and how they affect your specific case. If you have been arrested, or are even suspected of a crime, you need an experienced legal advocate to avoid the repercussions that can come from being charged or convicted of a crime.  To get the outcome you want, you need a lawyer skilled in defending those accused or criminal charges who can bring your best defense into the courtroom.

Newton & Hall's attorneys focus on criminal defense cases across Washington State. Our criminal defense experience with King County and Washington State laws leads us to focus on criminal charges such as:

Our legal professionals give honest, practical legal advice you can use. Newton & Hall enters the courtroom expecting to win, and our talent and perseverance have earned the respect of prosecutors and judges in Washington State criminal courts.

We Practice Law with Immediacy and Tenacity

Time is essential to building a resilient defense. We act with urgency throughout every step of your case to put time on your side.

  • Our attorneys are available to meet 24/7 during emergencies.
  • We organize bail for clients in custody.
  • Our legal team begins structuring defense strategies immediately.

When you have been accused of a crime, Newton & Hall has the powerful representation and skill to manage your case.

When you are facing serious criminal charges we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to reinforce your defense now.