Auburn Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Auburn Domestic Violence Lawyers

Newton & Hall defends clients who are accused of domestic violence charges in Washington State. Our experienced Auburn, WA domestic violence attorneys provide strategic defense against the false charges brought against you. We regularly win these cases, and we can help you get your life back.

When you have been charged with domestic abuse, it is important to work with a highly experienced attorney to avoid serious consequences including:

  • Prison time
  • Limited access to your children
  • Inability to return to your home
  • Restraining orders
  • Difficulties renting or keeping an apartment
  • Lost right to carry firearms
  • Difficulties finding a job
  • Mandatory enrollment in domestic violence treatment program
  • Possible deportation

King County Court System

The City of Auburn contracts with the King County District Court system to handle their court proceedings onsite at the old Auburn Municipal Court building located on East Main Street.  Their contact information is listed here:

340 E Main St 101
Auburn, WA 98002
Phone: 206-205-9200
Fax: 206-296-0525         Driving Directions & Information

What this means for you as a defendant, is that if you are accused of domestic violence in the City of Auburn, WA, and are either arrested or summonsed into court, your judge and court clerk will be King County District Court employees.  The City of Auburn Prosecutor will be seeking to convict you, and you will need a defense attorney to represent your interests.

You can expect the prosecution to ask the judge to impose a no-contact order between you and your alleged victim.  If it is granted, this means that even if you live or work together, you will be unable to continue to do so.   

For some domestic violence crimes there is a mandatory minimum 30 day sentence if convicted. All domestic violence crimes in municipal court have either a 90 or 364 day maximum sentence.  

We Fight the Prosecution to Win Back Your Freedom

In the world of criminal defense, the sooner we can get started, the better the effort we can make from the beginning.

  • Our attorneys are available to meet 24/7 during emergencies.
  • We organize bail for clients in custody.
  • Our legal team begins structuring defense strategies immediately.

No matter what domestic violence crime you have been accused of, Newton & Hall has tough lawyers ready to handle your case.

When you are facing serious criminal charges we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are ready to mount your defense now.

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