Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

One of the most common reasons we meet our clients, is that they have a drug problem.  Often those with a substance abuse problem will eventually get caught committing a crime.  We see this in a variety of circumstances like possession of drugs, delivery of drugs, a drug DUI, crimes to support a drug habit, or crimes against loved ones  such as family or friends.

When a client comes to us with a drug problem, we know where to turn for help.  This is often a very personal decision, that needs to be made with concerns for a client's employment, family situation, insurance coverage, as well as other factors.  Choosing the wrong treatment agency can be disastrous, as it may result in significant financial strain, or may not be recognized by courts and prosecutors as a legitimate agency.  We know the best treatment options, and can help our clients make informed decisions about the best way to treat their addiction.

When someone is charged with a crime, it may be a blessing in disguise if it forces someone to come to terms with their addiction and seek help.  It is important however to coordinate treatment with competent legal counsel, in order to ensure that mistakes are not made that will result in criminal convictions or punishment that would be worse for the person needing help.

Our criminal defense experience with Drug Treatment Help is your advantage

When you or your loved one needs help with drug treatment, we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys are standing by to offer advice.