Drug Possession

Drug Possession Crimes

The use or abuse of illegal drugs is one of, if not the most likely reason someone will end up in the criminal justice system.  Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are out looking for those that use illegal drugs, and they are finding them.  Often one drug dealer or user will be arrested, and he or she will offer to "snitch out" other users or dealers, in order to limit the punishment they face.

The court system and prosecutors both know that a drug charge is indicative of a need for counseling and treatment.  If those who are arrested and convicted of drug charges simply are released on the street, they will often re offend, due to their drug habit.  For these reasons we will usually recommend that our clients facing drug charges be evaluated by a drug abuse counseling professional, in order to determine if they have a substance abuse problem.  We can offer recommendations for counseling and treatment, as we have had clients utilize most of the leading inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs in Washington State, as well as leading out-of-state programs.  We know what works for our individual clients, and are able to get our clients the focused treatment they individually need.  We have had great success for our clients when they follow our advice and seek the treatment we recommend.

The criminal courts offer many opportunities for those accused of drug crimes to keep their records clean, or to minimize potential punishment.   We have had clients who are arrested for serious felony drug crimes emerge with a clean record when they follow our legal advice.  We have also helped many clients remove drug charges from their previous records, which can assist them in seeking employment or housing.

As dedicated criminal law defense attorneys, our job is to see that our clients get the best criminal defense possible. We tell you exactly where you stand in your case, and will recommend a practical solution. When we step into the courtroom, we expect to win. And we are respected by prosecutors and judges in criminal courts throughout Washington State for our skill and determination.

Our criminal defense experience with Drug Possession Crimes is your advantage

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