Rape Charges

Once an accusation of rape is made, it can have lifelong consequences for the accused, as well as the accuser. Those that are convicted of rape are scorned by society, and can be targeted by other criminals while in jail or prison.  Those that claim rape are often viewed differently by their friends, family, and partners.

An allegation of rape is so serious that even if it did not occur, the accuser may be afraid to take back their allegations.  They may be afraid of being prosecuted for making a false police report, or letting down their friends, family, or law enforcement who supported them.  Once an allegation of rape has been made, it is very difficult to retract.

Rape is a charge that can lead to a very lengthy prison sentence, including up to life in prison for a first offense. There are also other direct and collateral consequences, such as the requirement to register as a sex offender, the need for sexual offender treatment, and lifetime probation in many cases.  Even those that are not sentenced to life in prison, may find themselves confined for life by the indeterminate sentence review board.

It is important to secure the services of a sex crimes defense attorney as soon as there is an allegation of rape. While the police are undertaking their investigation, you need an attorney and private investigator who can perform an investigation for you.  If evidence is lost, witnesses become unavailable, or stories are changed, you need to know.

Many times in investigating these cases, we are able to determine that the alleged victim in the case is not credible, that they have offered different versions of the offense, or that they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the offense.  These issues need to be brought to the attention to the detectives and prosecutors that are working on the case, and by doing this we may be able to convince them not to prosecute, or to dismiss the charges in your case.  If they are unwilling to do so, these issues need to be brought up at trial, and the credibility of the accuser needs to be questioned in front of the jury.

When facing a rape charge, that you should consult an attorney that focuses on sex offense charges.  The attorneys at Newton & Hall have the resources to thoroughly investigate criminal allegations against our clients, and to provide a formidable trial defense when necessary.

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