Falsely Accused

Being Falsely Accused of Rape or Other Sex Crimes

Being falsely accused of any crime is difficult, and will have long-term effects on the life of the accused, even if they are eventually exonerated.

Being falsely accused of rape or any sex crime is much more difficult, as the subject nature of the offense makes it more difficult for family members or friends to truly support the accused in their time of need.  

The nature of the allegations surrounding rape, or other sex crimes are difficult to defend, as many times the only "evidence" of the crime may be the word of the accuser. There may be physical evidence that is consistent with both consensual and non-consensual sexual intercourse, or in many of the cases we handle there is no evidence at all.  This often results in cases where it is the word of the accuser versus the word of the accused.  

It is extremely important that sex crimes defense attorneys have well respected expert witnesses and doctors available to assist them in defending against these false allegations.  Often times there will be a "battle of the experts" at trial, in which both sides seek to impugn the credibility of their counterpart's expert witnesses.

The jury, in these cases, may have to decide these cases based on the credibility and character of the accused, the accuser, and the expert witnesses involved. Therefore it is incredibly important to make a thorough investigation of the allegations and circumstances, to determine what in fact occurred, and what did not. The private investigation team at Newton & Hall consists of state licensed investigators, who can test the investigation performed by law enforcement, as well as perform an independent investigation of the allegations.  In cases such as these, you should plan on the need for a private investigator.

Most of the time law enforcement, the prosecutor, and the judge, will initially commence criminal proceedings based solely on the allegations of the accuser.  By calling into question the credibility and character of the accuser, we will seek to avoid charges being filed, have charges dismissed pre-trial, or will take the matter to a jury trial.  The sooner that we are able to start helping you, the more opportunities we have to assist you in getting charges dropped, dismissed, or never filed.  You should never delay in seeking legal counsel when falsely accused of a sex crime, because these allegations do not usually just "go away" even when false.

As defense attorneys who regularly handle criminal cases with false allegations or rape or other sex crimes, we are used to the frustration and despair that our clients feel. They oftentimes feel powerless, as the tremendous resources of government are set against them, even when they know the accusation is false. We make our living fighting these false allegations, and are proud to do it.  

Our experience defending those that are falsely accused is your advantage.

When you are facing serious criminal charges we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation.  We would be honored to help you in your defense.