Is marijuana legal or illegal?  Unfortunately in Washington State it is both!

Under state law it is currently legal for any adult to possess up to one ounce or marijuana for personal use.  On the other hand, under state law it is still illegal to grow marijuana, possess it when intending to distribute it, or trafficking in the distribution of marijuana.  There is currently no legal way for those authorized by law to legally obtain marijuana, unless they have a medical authorization.  This is all scheduled to change when the state's authorized marijuana stores open, which is predicted to occur sometime in the summer of 2014.  Once this happens, it will be possible for adults to purchase marijuana for their personal use.

Under federal law however, there is no exemption for either medical or personal use.  Marijuana use, possession, or delivery is strictly outlawed.  There are harsh federal sentencing rules in place for anyone that traffics in marijuana and possesses a firearm.  This can include sentences for first offenders that may exceed five to ten years in federal prison.  We have seen those involved in the medical marijuana field be charged for defending themselves, even when there homes are robbed.  This means that there is currently a far from uniform prosecution of marijuana offenses, and in some jurisdictions crimes will be severely punished, while in others they will not be pursued at all.

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