Robbery Charges

Robbery Charges

The crime of robbery occurs when a person unlawfully takes personal property from the person of another, in their presence, against their will, by the use or threatened use of immediate force.  The complete statute is listed here : Robbery Statute

There are two separate robbery charges:

1) Robbery in the First Degree; and

This charge is usually brought when someone is armed with a deadly weapon; displays what appears to be a deadly weapon; inflicts any bodily injury during the crime; or commits the crime against a financial institution (bank).

Robbery in the First Degree is a Class A Felony, and those convicted face imprisonment for up to a lifetime, and  a fine of up to $50.000.00.  This is a  "strike offense" under Washington's three strike's law.

2) Robbery in the Second Degree

This charge is brought when a robbery occurs, but the factors do not elevate it to Robbery in the First Degree.  This crime is a Class B Felony, and those convicted face imprisonment of up to ten years, and a fine of up to $20.000.00.  This is a  "strike offense" under Washington's three strike's law.

We often see our clients charged with robbery in situations that most people would not consider a robbery.  The most frequent occurrence that results in a robbery charge is a shoplifting gone wrong.  For instance:  If someone attempts to steal something from a store, the store employees attempt to detain the alleged shoplifter, and the person resists with force, they are likely to be charged with robbery in the second degree.  This can occur even where the person resisting was not armed with a weapon of any kind, and even if the employee of the store was uninjured.

Robbery is a very serious charge, and in addition to the prison time, probation, and other pitfalls, a person convicted of robbery will have a difficult time securing employment and housing.

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