Background Checks

In this day and age, background checks are increasingly common.  They are becoming almost mandatory for employment, volunteering at schools, coaching sports, working with children, and even by those researching a potential romantic partner. The more common and inexpensive background checks use a broad variety of search techniques, and often times miss valuable information, or find erroneous information.  For these reasons it is wise for anyone seeking employment, or looking to participate in any of the above mentioned activities to consider what is showing up on these background checks.

We are regularly contacted by people who have been denied employment, denied housing, or who were ostracized for information that was allegedly found on a background check.  Sometimes this information is correct, and other times the information that is inaccurate or just plain wrong.  We are often able to help those that are affected by these inaccuracies, to fix them.  We are even able to remove accurate information from background checks by taking advantage of procedures available through the court system and with police departments.

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