No Contact Orders

No Contact Orders or Protection Orders

If a domestic violence complaint has been made against you, a no-contact order (NCO) or personal protection order may be issued. Do not wait—contact an attorney now to preserve your rights and protect your family and your property.

Our clients repeatedly tell us that our attorneys' practical and direct approach helped them get through criminal justice proceedings with dignity.


Protection orders—our attorneys understand the consequences

When a no-contact order is issued against you by a judge in a municipal court in Seattle, Tacoma, or another Washington community, you may not understand the consequences. The order can prevent you from going home for up to six months while a domestic violence case is pending, or up to two years as a condition of sentence or a settlement or for life if the judge so orders.

Where will you live? Who will take the children to day care? Who will perform maintenance on the house? You are not allowed to call your spouse on the phone—how will you rebuild your relationship? The financial and emotional impact can rip a family apart. At our Seattle criminal law firm, the Newton & Hall, Attorneys at Law PLLC, our lawyers take no-contact order against our clients seriously.


Violation of a no-contact order

Violation of an NCO is a separate gross misdemeanor offense, unless it involves an assault, reckless endangerment, or a third violation, in which case it can be filed as a felony offense.


Only a judge can lift a no-contact order

Our attorneys will help you petition the court to cancel an NCO, working to demonstrate to the judge that you need and deserve access to your home, your children, and your spouse/partner.