King County DUI Lawyers

DUI Lawyers - King County, WA

Our King County DUI Defense Lawyer Team is Ready to Handle your Toughest Case.  

We know that mistakes happen and that most drivers have at some point had a drink too many.  While usually nothing comes of it, other times people are pulled over in King County and charged with a DUI or Physical Control of Vehicle Under the Influence    

See our DUI and Physical Control page for more details on these charges.  

The King County District Court has jurisdiction over all misdemeanor level cases that occur in King County, where a city city police officer did not make the arrest.  Practically, this means that if you were arrested by a King County Sheriff's Deputy, or a Washington State Patrol Trooper while in King County, the King County District Court will likely handle your case.  

Our defense attorneys handle DUI cases in all of the King County District Courts.  They are currently being filed and handled at three divisional locations:

South Division: 1) Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent; 2) Auburn Courthouse (although they only handle City of Auburn cases); & 3) Burien Courthouse

East Division: 1) Bellevue Courthouse; 2) Redmond Courthouse; and 3) Issaquah Courthouse.

West Division: 1) Seattle Courthouse; 2) Shoreline Courthouse.

For contact information to the courthouses click here.

It is very important to quickly retain the services of a top DUI defense lawyer in King County.  If you don't act quickly, deadlines can be missed and you may lose your drivers license even before your case is filed by the prosecutor.  You have only twenty days to file a DOL hearing request.

Our office offers free initial consultations with a knowledgeable King County DUI defense attorney at our Kent office.  Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our DUI lawyers.