Elder Abuse

Medical Elder Abuse Charges

As elder abuse defense attorneys, we have seen a number of situations where well meaning people have been charged with elder abuse crimes, in spite of trying to provide the best care they could for aging or infirm loved ones.  

Often times well meaning people will report what they believe is abuse, but don't know that the symptoms that they observe in the infirm are not abuse, but only a sad and inevitable decline in their bodily function and appearance.  For instance, we have had ambulance drivers report caregivers when they were called to assist.

It is only through thorough investigation, the use or appropriate expert witnesses, and advocacy for our clients positions that we have been able to convince prosecutors to dismiss charges brought against our clients.  

There is a huge difference between bedsores and infection caused by neglect or maltreatment, and those that naturally occur even in a cleanest and best hospital environment.  

Often times those who need full time hospital care will ask their relatives to do everything they can to assist them in staying in their home.  This sometimes puts their relatives in the difficult position of following their wishes, and at the same time putting themselves in potential legal jeopardy by not seeking the best care. 

If you have been reported to the police or adult protective services, you should consult with a defense attorney before making any statements.  Even those with the best intentions can see their words twisted in a police report.

Financial Elder Abuse Charges

The other area of elder abuse accusations that we often see is the allegation that family members, friends, or others took financial advantage of incapacitated or infirm adults in their time of need.  These charges often times accompany those dealing with medical or physical abuse, but can also appear on their own. Prosecutions often hinge on detailed analysis of financial records. Often we hear that the accused was only doing what the elderly person would have wanted, or did want.  It is necessary to show that the loved one wanted their funds spend in this manner, either through specific instructions or in the alternative that through the person's lifetime, they acted in conformity with this principle.  Those that care for others may have a fiduciary duty to act on behalf of them in the 

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