Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic tickets are an annoyance we will will all face at some point.  No matter how good we drive, we all make mistakes.  It is easy to let your speed get away from you.  Perhaps you are travelling with the speed of traffic, or just not paying attention?  City police, sheriffs, and the state patrol are waiting for you to make a mistake.  The cities, counties, and states need revenue to operate, and an easy source of that revenue is the steady stream of tickets that officers and troopers write.  They set up speed traps using radar, laser, and even airplanes to measure your speed.

While a ticket and the fine that comes with it may seem like an simple annoyance, these tickets can actually cost a lot more than the face value of the fine.  Often times those that receive a traffic ticket have their insurance rates raised, and these rate increases can be kept in place for at least three years, depending on the type of ticket that you receive.  Over those many years, the financial consequences can add up to thousands of dollars, over and above what you pay as a fine for the traffic offense.  You also could be cancelled by your insurance, could have your drivers license suspended, or could have to purchase high risk insurance.

We beat traffic tickets on a daily basis.  We know the mistakes that police officers make, and we know the court rules better than our adversaries.  Hiring us to handle your traffic ticket can save you money in the long term.  Even if we cannot beat your ticket, we knows tricks of the trade to make it so that your ticket will not appear on your driving record, and will not affect your insurance rates.

We handle traffic tickets all over Washington State.  We are highly respected as tenacious lawyers, who know the ins-and-outs of the various courts, and who will not hesitate to litigate your case in the courtroom.  We even handle appeals when a judge or prosecutor gets it wrong.  We will work hard for a great outcome in your case, because we know your driving record is important to you, and it is also important to us.

We know how to show that the radar, laser, or officer's speedometer was not properly working or calibrated. We also know the case law that limits the use of this evidence at your contested hearing.  We see people try to represent themselves on traffic tickets in court regularly, and although those people do their best, they are no match for a trained prosecutor who can easily beat an unprepared motorist.  You need a skilled traffic ticket lawyer to assist you in keeping your record clean.

Our experience with Traffic Ticket Defense is your advantage

When you are facing fines and penalties for a traffic ticket we can help. Call us at (253) 867-2675 so that we can get started today on beating your ticket.  Our traffic ticket defense attorneys are standing by.