Juvenile Sex Crimes

Juvenile Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Often times parents and their children mistakenly believe that being charged with a juvenile sex crime is less serious.  However, it may be the opposite.  When a child is accused of a sex crime they have not had the time and experience in society to form a relationship with a future spouse; they have not found their occupation and cannot support themselves; and they have not yet had to search for housing.  These are all areas of their lives that will be hugely affected by juvenile criminal sex conviction.

Contrary to popular belief, juvenile offenses will never drop off your record, and these offenses can be seen in background checks often performed by employers, schools, landlords and others.  While the punishments given in juvenile court are often less severe than meted out in adult court, prosecutors are are very willing to send a child to jail and disrupt their life, present and future.  Often times the lasting effects of a conviction and registration as a sex offender are more harmful than any incarceration initially served.

The most important thing to do if you or your child is even potentially a suspect in a juvenile offense is to immediately contact our office for assistance.  The earlier we become involved in the process, the greater chance we have to affect the outcome.

Often times police and child protective services (CPS) will seek to separate parents from their children, knowing that juveniles are less likely to assert their constitutional rights to remain silent or for a lawyer if they are isolated.  Police will go to your child's school and will enlist the help of administrators and teachers to question your child.  Police are even taught to lie to your child during their interrogation, and will often tell your child that they have damning evidence, which they in fact do not, in order to convince your child that admitting to the commission of a crime is their only solution.

The attorneys are Newton & Hall are able to assist you with a legal defense to even the most serious sex crimes.  Often times the police and prosecutors will attempt to minimize the potential consequences to charges like these, in order to gain an advantage.  Contact us immediately if your child is facing an accusation, as timing can be everything in these cases.

Expunging/Vacating Juvenile Sex Crimes

The attorneys are Newton & Hall appear regularly in Washington courts to assist juveniles and adults with clearing their criminal records.  There are very specific requirements that a petitioner must meet, in order to qualify to have their record cleared, but the most important is to have followed the rules of the sentencing court.  We can assist you with determining if you are eligible for this process.

Removing Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Requirements

There is a process for terminating the duty to register as a juvenile sex offender.  Contact us and we can assist you with determining if you are eligible for this process.  Often times this can make a dramatic difference in a person's career and life prospects.

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