Sexual Assault Protection Orders

Defense of Sexual Assault Protection Orders

These protection orders pack a serious punch.  A girlfriend, wife, or even a stranger could go into court and seek a sexual assault protection order.  They could even see a judge before you have a chance to mount a defense.  If that judge believes them, and they usually do, you are now labeled a perpetrator of sexual assault, and you have a temporary protection order on your record.  This temporary order is normally provided given to you by police officers from the area you live. This delivery is called "personal service" and usually occurs at your home or workplace.  When you are served with a copy of the petition and temporary order, you will usually have only a matter of days to prepare for your final hearing or trial on the matter.  If you seek to avoid the service, a judge can order that the paperwork be published in a newspaper or be mailed to your last know address, in lieu of personal service.

This is when you need to immediately get help from an attorney who is experienced dealing with the special issues in these protection order cases.  An allegation like this could potentially wreck your career, your relationships with others, result in the loss of housing, and could result in criminal prosecution and imprisonment if you are alleged to have violated it at some later date.  

Our sexual assault defense lawyers can petition the court to deny a permanent or lengthy protection order, and can work to clear your name.  We have successfully beaten many of these cases for our clients.

Do you need a Sexual Assault Protection Order?

We both defend against these orders, as well as seek them for clients who need protection from someone that has sexually assaulted them.  We have the ability to get your case before a judge immediately, on any court day, and ask for an immediate and temporary order of protection.  

It is extremely important that your initial court paperwork is done correctly, as any misstatements or errors in your petition will later be used against you in court.  It is very important to meet with a protection order attorney early, to ensure that you have the best chance both of a temporary protection order, as well as a later more permanent order.  

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