Pierce County & Tacoma DUI Attorney

Our law office is located in the City of Kent, at nearly the midpoint between King County and Pierce County.  Therefore we regularly find ourselves representing clients in both locations.  

The majority of the DUI cases in Pierce County are filed in either the Pierce County District Court, or the Tacoma Municipal Court.  They are both handily located in the same building located in Tacoma, at 930 Tacoma Avenue South.  

The majority of the City of Tacoma cases are heard in courtrooms on the first or second floor of this building, while the Pierce County District Court cases are heard initially on the 8th floor for arraignment hearings, and are later hearing on the sixth and ninth floors of the buildings.  

In Pierce County the Judges that hear DUI cases are:

Karla E. Buttorff
Franklin L. Dacca
James R. Heller
Judy Rae Jasprica
Jeanette A. Lineberry
Kevin A. McCann
Margaret Vail Ross
Claire Sussman

In Tacoma Judge Elizabeth E. Verhey hears the majority of the DUI cases.

If you need to speak with an experienced Tacoma or Pierce County DUI defense lawyer, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation.