Those people who have criminal records, or civil protection orders on their records can face an uphill battle in securing good employment.  While there are always jobs available, these impediments may cause a job seeker to have more difficulty gaining employment in certain fields or occupations.

Certain occupations, such as health care, finance/banking, law enforcement, teaching, law, and government may have more stringent requirements for their background checks.  It is important to research the requirements for entry into these positions prior to pursuing them, so as to avoid unnecessary training, schooling, expense, and effort in seeking employment that you may be disqualified from.

Employers are now regularly doing background checks on job applicants, and are many times not letting those applicants know if they were denied a position or further interviews, due to their criminal history.  These background checks used to be rare, expensive, and limited to a handful of professions.  However, now with the proliferation of internet background check companies, they are inexpensive and very common.

Often times our attorneys are able to seal or vacate a person's criminal history, so as to avoid problems in seeking employment.  There are many different background search companies, and databases, so it may take some time for information to be updated with the various companies, even once your conviction has been sealed or vacated.

We often assist our clients in updating these databases, once we know that they contain inaccurate information.  We have found that these companies commonly misclassify offenses, for instance reporting that a conviction was for a felony versus a misdemeanor, or even reporting that a person was convicted when charges were dismissed.  We can assist those that are dealing with these issues, and are willing to take any action needed to help you gain employment.  We are even able to to file lawsuits for defamation, in cases where background check companies maliciously or negligently spread false information, and cost our clients their jobs and income.

Our experience helping those seeking Employment with a Criminal Background is your advantage

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