Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment

Just like treatment for substance abuse, mental health problems, or any other medical conditions, there is help available for those with sexual issues who need it.  Often times those who are accused of sex offenses themselves were victims at one point in their lives.

If you are accused of a sex offense, you need to immediately consult with attorneys like those at Newton & Hall, attorneys that regularly handle serious sex offense cases, and who are able and willing to assist you with seeking treatment if needed.

Sex offender treatment is very patient specific.  The same treatment provider that treats juveniles may specialize in treating adults, or vice versa.  If you end up with the wrong treatment provider it can mean the difference between finding a solution for the problem, or facing years of misery.  We have the ability to place you with a treatment provider specifically chosen for your gender, age, sexual orientation, and experiences.  We have the skill and experience necessary to help you locate a fair treatment provider in your area.

SSOSA Sentence - Minimizing or Avoiding Incarceration

Washington State recognizes that those who seek and excel in treatment are likely to pose less of a risk to society.  For that reason, our state offers the Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative program (SSOSA). This sentencing alternative is available for certain sex offenses, and may limit or eliminate the requirement that you serve time in jail or prison.  In order to be approved for a SSOSA sentence you must be evaluated by a sex offender treatment provider, and be found to be a good candidate for the program.  It is extremely helpful to have the victim of your offense agree to recommend this sentencing alternative, as well as the prosecutor.

Sex offenses are among the most serious criminal charges that you could face. Call us for help at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our sex offense defense attorneys would be pleased to meet with you and discuss your options.