Drug Delivery & Trafficking

Drug Delivery & Trafficking

These drug cases can range from minor hand-to-hand deliveries of small drug quantities, observed by police officers on the street. Or can be as complicated as year long federal investigations of drug trafficking operations that span multiple countries, and states.  In either situation, drug trafficking and delivery is a serious offense that prosecutors and courts punish vigorously.

It is important that your attorney informs the authorities, judge, and jury when your case is a minor one.  Often times prosecutors will harshly charge those who simply function as middlemen, people who provide others with drugs in order to support their own habit.  These people may face the same charges and punishments as those who are trafficking large quantities of drugs for personal or organizational profit.  It is important to distinguish your case from these more elaborate ones in order to limit the potential for prison time and other sanctions.  Many times when those that commit these crimes seek treatment for their drug problems, we are able to better mitigate the punishment that is given.  We are able to assist our clients in finding a reputable and reliable drug treatment program that will be accepted by the courts.

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