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Newton and Hall helps those charged with crimes know their rights, and the options available to them. Your Auburn DUI attorney can clearly explain your rights, and guide you through decisions that could affect your immediate and long-term future.

An arrest for DUI in Auburn, WA, can result in penalties right away. These may include having to post bail, missing work for court hearings, a requirement to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, and the embarrassment of being publicly paraded through court hearings. Long-term consequences of a conviction for gross misdemeanor DUI can include: one or more years of an ignition interlock requirement; up to one year of jail time; thousands of dollars in fines/costs/assessments; and license suspensions ranging from 90 days to many years.

Your Auburn DUI Lawyer Defends Against License Suspension

Meet with a lawyer from Newton & Hall to find out how you can defend against a Washington State Department of Licensing suspension. If you refuse an evidentiary breath or blood test, you may be subject to a license suspension for one year or longer, as well as enhanced penalties if convicted at trial.  Even if you took a breath test, you may be subject to at least a 90 day suspension if your sample was over the legal limit of .08, or .02 for minors.  

Don't risk losing your reputation and freedom to drive: contact an attorney with a history of vigorously defending those accused of DUI.  There are short deadlines for requesting administrative hearings in DUI cases, often times only 20 days from the date of the incident.  Don't give up your right to drive by default.

Choose an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney

Our extensive experience with the Auburn, WA, court system is your advantage. Newton & Hall's criminal defense team is known in the courtroom for combining sharp legal aptitude with a meticulous defense preparation.  We know what the prosecutors and judges want to see, in order to get the best possible legal result for a given situation.  

Newton & Hall's criminal defense attorneys regularly handle cases involving DUI and Physical Control in both the Auburn Municipal Court, as well as the local King County courts.  We often see these cases resulting from visits to local "watering holes", including a great number of DUI cases coming out of the Muckleshoot Casino.

Newton & Hall Moves Swiftly to Secure Your Rights

When you need a DUI attorney in Auburn, WA, every moment counts. Our legal team focuses on your defense from when the attorney-client relationship begins through the conclusion of your case. Newton & Hall clients benefit from our commitment to providing extensive legal representation, including:

  • 24/7 availability for emergency meetings
  • A prompt, customized plan for defense
  • Help with coordinating bail while in custody

Regardless of the time of your arrest, you can reach our office 24 hours a day. Let Newton & Hall help you navigate the legal system by putting your best interests first.

Free Initial Consultation

Newton & Hall represents clients in the Auburn, WA (98001, 98002, 98003, 98047, 98092) area. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling (253) 867-2675 now to meet with one of our criminal defense attorneys.   We are located less than five miles north of the courthouse.

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