Firearm and Voting Rights Restoration

Firearm Rights Restoration

The right to bear arms is a sacred right in the United States of America.  Many of us have handled firearms since the time we can remember.  Perhaps we started out with a .22 caliber rifle for target shooting, and made our way rifles and shotguns for hunting with our fathers and grandfathers.  It is understandable that we would want to continue that tradition with our own children and grandchildren.  It also is a necessary that we have the means to defend our property and families, in the event that government or others are not able or willing to do it for us.  For all of these reasons, the second amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms.

Unfortunately for those that are caught in the criminal justice machine, they may find that it is very easy to lose the right to possess firearms.  Those that are convicted of any felony offenses, certain domestic violence offenses, or even what many might consider petty misdemeanor charges, can lose their firearm rights for life.  This means that they may not have in their possession or control, and firearms or ammunition.

A violation of this means that state and felony federal charges can be brought against a person.  Sometimes people are not even aware that they have lost their firearm rights.  We have seen many cases where an otherwise lawful hunter is charged with a felony, when standard field checks by fish and wildlife show that the person has lost their firearm rights.

There is a way to petition the courts to restore the right to possess a firearm, for those that have lost it.  However, this can be a complicated question, as the period a person must wait to restore their firearm rights may vary from three to five years, assuming that a person is even eligible.  Some crimes are so serious that those who have been convicted are barred from ever having their firearm rights restored, unless they have been pardoned for their crimes.

It is important that you seek the services of a qualified firearm rights restoration attorney when you wish to petition for restoration of these rights.   We often see unqualified attorneys making the same mistakes over and over in court, or not properly advising their clients of the risks and proper procedures in making these requests.  Generally judges are less likely to grant the request a second time, so it is important to get it right the first time.

Voting Rights Restoration

Those who are convicted of a felony will automatically lose their right to vote, and in many counties in Washington State, they must return to court to petition for reinstatement of their civil rights, which includes the right to vote.  We are able to assist those who seek to reinstate their voting rights, and regularly assist people in this endeavor.

Our experience with Firearm and Voting Rights Restoration is your advantage

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