Sex Offender Registration Removal

Sex Offender Registration Removal

Having to register as a sex offender can make life difficult.  Those that have to register are often have difficulty finding rental housing that will accept them, and certain cities are even outlawing sex offenders from living in residential areas within their city limits.  These same problems exist for those that are seeking employment, as they may find that they are not able to get interviews or calls back, when employers find out their registration status.

As background checks have become more commonplace and inexpensive, it has become easy for those that are interested to find sex offender's status, and discriminate against them based upon that status.  Unfortunately, it is perfectly legal to discriminate against someone based upon their status as a registered sex offender.

For these reasons, we are often asked by those that have to register, to help them to terminate the duty to register as a sex offender.  We regularly appear in courts throughout Washington State to petition for termination of sex offender requirements.  Because we work on these cases so often, we have developed a strategy to give our clients the best possible chance for registration removal.  We work with treatment providers, polygraphers, and other professionals to give you the best shot at registration removal.

We can help you to implement this strategy, in order to put you in a strong position to remove your requirement to register.  It is extremely important to get it right the first time, as you will often times only have one chance to convince a judge.  Judges are far less likely to seriously consider removal a second time, and even less likely to second guess a judge who previously denied such a request.  You should never attempt to remove your own registration requirements, as you need the services of a skilled registration removal lawyer, to get it right the first time.  Unfortunately, we are aware of many people that attempt this process on their own, and contact us after unsuccessfully petitioning the court.  It may be too late at this point, depending on what damage was done.

We also regularly receive calls from people who are not yet eligible to terminate their registration requirement, but we are able to implement a proven strategy to ensure that they have the best possible chance when they do become eligible.  It is never too early to discuss these issues, and prepare a plan of attack early on.

Our experience with Sex Offender Registration Removal is your advantage

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