Loss of Firearm Rights

Loss of Firearm Rights

One of the collateral consequences of a conviction for most crimes of domestic violence is the loss of your firearm rights.  This means that from that point forward, you will not be allowed to possess firearms or ammunition.  This may also mean that you are placing yourself in jeopardy of a prosecution for "constructive possession", if you reside in a home with firearms kept by others.  This of course also means you will not be able to use a firearm to hunt, or in other sports.  For some this is especially difficult, as they may lose their career if they serve in law enforcement, the military, or any occupation in which they must be able to possess firearms.

There are ways that we have been able to both keep our client's firearm rights intact, as well as to restore them if they have been lost. Call us at (253) 867-2675 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our criminal defense attorneys are standing by.

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