Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription Drug Defense Attorneys

Also referred to as legend drugs, prescription drugs carry serious criminal charges for illegally obtaining, using or distributing them. In addition to jail time and stiff fines, a conviction on prescription drug charges carries severe, life-altering consequences that can impact getting a job, home or apartment, even obtaining or keeping a professional license. Even carrying your prescription drugs in a container other than the one provided by the pharmacy can bring criminal charges. 

The drug crimes lawyers at Newton & Hall defend people throughout the state. By addressing your prescription drug charges as soon as possible before or after your arrest, we can help you avoid criminal and collateral consequences that can destroy your good name and future.

Experienced drug charge defense

Offering hope to clients isn't just about the criminal side of your case. We can connect you with drug treatment providers to help you get back on the road to a more productive life. If you are arrested on felony or misdemeanor prescription drug charges, contact our law office and speak to one of our skilled drug crime defense lawyers about the unique circumstances of your case involving:

  • Obtaining drugs by fraud or forged prescription
  • Possession of legend drugs without a prescription
  • Medical marijuana violations
  • Transporting prescription drugs/narcotics across state lines without a prescription
  • Passing or delivery of drugs to others
  • Over 18 adult delivering prescription drugs/narcotics to a minor
  • Minor in possession (MIP) of prescription drugs/narcotics
  • Contributing to an out-of-control prescription drug addiction
  • Federal prescription drug charges
  • State prescription drug charges

Planning a drug crime defense as soon as possible after your arrest greatly improves your chances of success. The ideal time with federal prescription drug charges is the moment you believe that you may be under investigation. As with all state and federal crimes such as possession and trafficking, the opportunity to get your charges dropped is short, and harsh sentencing guidelines typically involves many years in prison.

Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or you made some other mistake, don't make a second one-invest in the services of the right lawyer and give yourself a chance at the best possible outcome. Call (253) 867-2675.

Prescription Drug Crimes

As dedicated criminal law defense attorneys, our job is to see that our clients get the best criminal defense possible. We tell you exactly where you stand and recommend a practical solution. When we step into the courtroom, we expect to win. And we are respected by prosecutors and judges in criminal courts throughout Washington State for our skill and determination.

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