Indeterminate Sentences for Sex Offenders

Indeterminate Sentences for Sex Offenders

Depending on the sex offense that you are charged with, you could be facing a life sentence in prison for even your first offense.

In 2001 the State of Washington granted the Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board (ISRB) the authority to detain those sentenced for sex offenses, to sentences much longer that they are given by a judge.  What this means is that the judge in your case may impose a minimum sentence, but if the Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board does not approve your release, you may never be released from prison.

The Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board is quite willing to detain for life, people that have always professed their innocence.  In fact, for someone wrongfully accused of a sex crime, continuing to claim their innocence and failing to "admit to their problem" and embrace treatment, will almost certainly ensure that they remain incarcerated for the rest of their lives.

The Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board has five members who are appointed to serve their term by the Governor of Washington State.  They are tasked with determining whether a person who has served their minimum sentence is likely to commit another offense if released into society.  If they decline to release an inmate, that person may not get another chance to request release for five more years.  The ISRB often times chooses to never release people who do not participate in treatment options, have multiple offenses or victims, or who continue to profess their innocence to the board.  To the ISRB, those inmates are not sufficiently reformed to be released into society.

Learn more about the ISRB at their website here:  Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board

As sex offense defense attorneys, we know that a life sentence is a terrifying prospect.  We navigate and litigate these issues regularly, and can advise you of your options while helping to avoid such an outcome.  The most important thing to do when faced with an accusation like this is to seek counsel early.

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