Can an Alleged Victim Rescind a Complaint of Domestic Violence In Washington State?

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All too often, individuals face false allegations of domestic violence during the heat of an argument or when a spouse wants to gain a legal advantage in a divorce. However, once a person alleges domestic violence, the law – out of concern for the safety of the victim – can make it difficult to rescind the allegations. Even when falsely accused of domestic violence, you need experienced Seattle domestic violence attorneys to protect your rights throughout the full legal process.

Accusers may try to stop criminal proceedings when they realize the severe consequences of their false allegations. However, since valid domestic violence issues can involve an extreme imbalance of power in a family relationship, a strong possibility exists that an abuse victim may later rescind a complaint out of fear of retribution by an abuser. Law enforcement officers must undergo specific training to learn how to accurately assess the situation when they respond to domestic violence issues. However, if police believe any likelihood exists of domestic violence, their training requires them to err on the side of victim safety. Moreover, once the legal process begins, it typically must continue to trial.

Even if the alleged victim does not testify against a falsely-accused abuser at trial, a Kent domestic violence defense lawyer must develop a compelling defense — not only to save you from prison time and other consequences of conviction, but also  to protect  your rights to return to your home and to see your children.

If you face false accusations of domestic violence, you need experienced legal representation to help prove your innocence. Newton & Hall, Attorneys at Law, PLLC has offices conveniently located throughout the state and we have defended people from Seattle, Kent Everett to Puyallup, North Bend to Fife and Ballard to Olympia. We take your call 24 hours a day and offer a free consultation about your legal issues.

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