City of Kent Prostitution Arrests & Sting Operations

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Backpage & Craigslist Prostitution Stings

Here at Newton & Hall, we've been seeing a huge increase in these operations over the last year by the Kent Police Department, as well as other local King County law enforcement agencies.  This phenomenon was recently chronicled by the Seattle Times in an article available here:  Tougher Police Tactics Stinging Sex Buyers.

The Kent Municipal Court and the City of Kent Prosecutor's Office has taken a tough stance on these cases, often times refusing to negotiate anything other than a straight guilty plea coupled with jail time.  Which leaves those charged and convicted with a criminal record, for a charge that employers and landlords often find distasteful in nature.

The average case begins with a man who responds to a Backpage or Craigslist advertisement for an escort or massage.  They usually correspond by e-mail, text message, or telephone call and eventually agree to pay a sum of money for some sexual service.  They agree to meet at a motel, hotel, or apartment, and when they arrive for their rendezvous they are shocked to find the Kent Police department occupying the rooms.  Usually there is an adjacent hotel room where the recently arrested men are warehoused, until they are brought to the jail or mobile processing unit for fingerprinting, photographing and arrest.  In a worst case situation the recently arrested are booked into the Kent jail, and have to arrange for bail.

If you are arrested for this or any offense, you should invoke your right to an attorney and remain silent.  You should ask the police officer to put you in touch with a prostitution lawyer before answering any of their questions, or making any statements.

Experienced Kent Prostitution Lawyers

We've successfully handled a number of these cases, and have had some great results for our clients.  Call us at (253) 867-2675 for a free consultation, and let's discuss your case.

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