The Stigma of a Sex Crime - Even for Those Found Not Guilty

Posted by Keith Hall | Sep 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

Syndicated columnist Leanord Pitts, Jr. recently wrote a column titled "Moral discord, a movie and a rape case", that appeared in the Seattle Times.  The article is essentially about whether the author should see a movie that was directed and written by Nate Parker.  Nate Parker was tried by a jury who found him not guilty, and his co-defendant was found guilty but later prevailed on appeal.  

The most interesting thing about the article is that Nate Parker was found not guilty by a jury that listened to all of the evidence in the case, but the allegation from sixteen years ago is still following him in a negative way.  Those who are accused of a sex crime are often considered by society to be guilty, before they ever get a chance to establish their innocence.  Even those who are able to establish their innocence are unlikely to discuss it, due to the stigma of having been accused of rape.  

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