Utah on the verge of the toughest drunk-driving standard in the U.S. – .05%

Posted by Keith Hall | Apr 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

According to a recent article written by Kurtis Lee of the LA Times, Utah is on the verge of doing what lobbying groups have suggested for some time, lower the BAC limit from .08 to .05.

Lawmakers in the state passed a measure last week to lower the legal blood-alcohol concentration for driving from .08% to .05%.

The National Transportation Safety Board has called on states for years to redefine what constitutes drunk driving

“It's a terrible law,” said Michele T. Corigliano, of the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association, which represents more than 100 establishments. The executive director, is lobbying Governor Herbert to veto the measure. “We feel that because .05% is so low it's going to put a lot people in jail who should not be in jail. It's an extremely low-level … people who use too much mouthwash could be targeted.”

The lawyers at Newton & Hall believe that further efforts to lower breath/blood results will result in other states making similar laws, and we may even see resulting allowable levels tumble further to .02 or even .00.  Which would be the end of commercial sales of alcohol at restaurants and bars, where most patrons that consume an alcoholic beverage or two are driving away.  

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